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Related article: Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 16:47:25 +0100 (BST) From: Chaim Subject: Adventures of two brothers 3Adventures of two brothersPart 3By Chaim (bchaim)(NS: M/t/t (t+), oral/anal/bond)September '05.This story is fiction and has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We all human beings! I just wrote it from my own perspective.Thanks to Ray he tried to make my English better. I am sometimes a willing student.Thanks to: Mike, Raymond, Frank, Scop, Murray, Angelo, Mimmi Mo, ChabSubm, Mike, Lee, Furry.For their kind reply and suggestionsComments and suggestions are welcome 3------That night it was hard to find some sleep because my throbbing hard on. We, my kid brother Nathan and myself were both bound and I knew my kid brother was at the other side of our tent. I imagined my brother was rubbing his boy cock against my skin in the swimming hole this morning.I dreamed about the commander, Achmed, when he took my virgin ass. I closed my eyes; it was confusing, the strong man had nearly raped me.The following morning there was some shouting. I opened my eyes to see my kid brother was being pulled out of our tent by some young Palestinian warriors.I called out to him, "Nathan!"My hands and legs were still tied up, I couldn't so anything at all. It seemed like an eternity while I remained lying where I was.The commander walked into the tent and sat on his knees next to me. He stroked my hair and brought my head to his white boxers."Relax, my new friend. We brought your kid brother to friends over the Jordanian border. He is safe there. You stay here with me."My head was on his lap; I could feel the warmth of his tights and felt the outline of his big cock."I don't believe you! How can he be safe?! He is just only 15 years old! You wouldn't kill him; that was a promise!"Tears were dripping over my cheeks."Look at my eyes!"I closed my eyes instead and he slapped my face, hard but kindly, bringing me back into reality."I don't tell lies. He was too young to stay, but you proved to be our willing boy. You took my huge cock remember, little one. You served my teens and you are really good at it."The commander was running his strong fingers over the smooth skin of my chest,"Joshua, I really like you. Well, you pleased me greatly last night. You are my boy now."Strange feelings Great Lolita Bbs hit me. I liked to have my nose and lips against the cotton of his white boxers. I wanted to please him all the way. I still worried about my brother and believed him in a way. Maybe my brother was safe back to civilization. Amman is not that bad for Israeli's and our secret service could save my kid brother there.I looked at him and sucked his enormous morning erection through the cotton of his boxers."You are a good boy, my little one. Get used to my special needs. I love it to get my cock sucked this way in the morning. Mmmmm... go on use you talents to make me happy."He just took my arms and untied them. He pressed my face into his lap. He kissed my face and repeated his words,"I'm Achmed, I am the commander of this camp. We will take care of you. Don't fight me or try to escape and I will treat you with respect."I kept sucking and he opened his strong legs wide for me. I felt his enormous cock and licked and sucked. I wanted to give him pleasure! He didn't take his boxers off and urged me to go on,"Good boy, don't stop!"The white cotton of his boxers were wet from my saliva. This huge man, my new found `friend' grunted and stroked my smooth body with his strong hands. He played with my nipples and I grunted with lust. My rock was rock hard and I was so horny."Good boy!"He hold me my head down at his cock when he pushed himself up. He groaned like an animal when he came. I felt and smelled his lovely cum! I accepted his reward Great Lolita Bbs on my cheeks and lips.I licked and sucked it from his white boxers. I licked it from the cotton and needed and wanted this.Achmed just took me and laid me on my back. He covered me with his heavy body."Little Jewish boy, I will protect you!"Some young warriors rushed into the tent. There were whispered words in Arabic and they were nearly shouting. Achmed sent his boys away, giving short orders. He kissed me and just quickly tied my hands and feet. I gave him a pleading look but he ignored me.He took a strange black ball and gagged me. I was so confused, till I heard a Hebrew voice. I had the answer to all my questions. This was war and no other feelings were important now. I was terrified! Now I was glad the commander did sent Nathan to Amman.A Israeli said in Hebrew,"They still must be here still."I watched when the flap entrance of our tent was pulled aside. It went so quickly I pressed my young body against my strong Achmed and stopped breathing.Very stupidly there was just with one of them. One Israeli to get me!There was a short fight and they hold my `brother'. They hit him very badly and shoved him into our tent. The young Palestinian soldiers took his arms in a rough way. Achmed just pushed him to the ground using his knee to push him down.Two nearly naked fighters were on top of him and the poor man groaned.In a flash his arms and legs were tied up. His eyes looked around and widened as he saw my naked and bound form.He said in Hebrew to me,"Kid, are you all right?"I felt strange. It was so thoughtful for him to ask this, with pride, not considering his own situation. He was there, our own camp leader Michael. He realized I was gagged and I couldn't reply.I tried to nod my head.He simply said,"Oh, fuck, lost my radio, fuck, this is my death. I didn't expect any Palestinians around here. Fuck oh, fuck!"Tears filled his eyes and I felt so sorry for him. Michael continued, looking at my body,"What did they do to you, Joshua? Where is your brother Natan?"Achmed watch our conversation with great interest. He moved again next to me and took my gag and removed it from my mouth. He simply said,"Answer him, boy!"I shook my head and said to him,"Don't ask me what they did to me. I am not a kid anymore.""Sorry, I asked," he said with regret, "I know, you are bound and was gagged, they used you. They have no woman around.""Yes," I said softly, "I know that."There was a deep silence and Achmed listened to us carefully but didn't interrupt us. I asked him,"Why did you came alone?""Sorry I just wandered around to find you. I didn't expect this Palestinian camp."Achmed patted my head."Don't talk anymore, you are my boy and he doesn't need any more details."I whispered back,"Yes, sir."Some Palestinian teens came into our tent and they took Michael with them.Achmed took me in his strong arms and held me. He stroked my body and said to me holding me tight against his chest,"You know, what will be next, don't you?"I simply nodded my head. Almost after an afterthought Achmed's warriors came back to take me. Achmed, my commander stood with me and followed us.They took me to the clearing and Achmed stood behind me. His soaked boxers were pressing at my firm teen butt.Michael's hands were tied up over his head and he was hanging from a pole. His feet were at the ground and they left him dressed.He was still dressed in his dirty army clothes and he must have worn them all night. The young teen warriors made a circle around him.One fighter stepped forward and pulled his shirt from his body. His hairy chest was revealed. And I had a good look at his hairy armpits.The young man tugged on his leather belt and got his army pants around his ankles. One helper stepped up and they found a way to pull his battle dress over his boots. A very young guy dropped to his knees and took his army boots. I looked at his body when some guy took a knife to cut his pants and socks away. He must be twenty or something. His body was covered with black hair and he had powerful muscles. His nipples were small and firm.His cock was standing out hard against his belly. I admired his strong body and was rock hard myself.I could see his chest rising and falling as he waited for the next move. Achmed took me and placed me in front of him. He just asked him in Hebrew the same thing he did to me and my kid brother. He gave this young strong man the same choice we had yesterday.Michael looked at me. He knew he was going to lose his virgin ass. My commander smiled stroking my Great Lolita Bbs naked shoulders. To my surprise Michael picked me.He simply said,"I want Joshua to do it.""Let it be as you wish."Achmed pushed me forward and my cock pointed at his hairy ass. Michael was breathing hard and fast. My cock was still rock hard and I felt Achmed's hand around it when he brought my cock head to Michael's virgin ass hole,"Do it my boy, fuck his virgin ass, you can do it."I watched as two young Palestinians pulled his hairy asscheeks apart for me. I moved forward and pressed my cock head against Michael's tight opening.He grunted and I knew I couldn't help him!I pushed a little more. Michael had his lips parted and he was inhaling sharply through his teeth. I made a move forward again and my cock disappeared inside his muscled ass. I watched the muscles down Michael's bare thighs twitching. I kept pushing my teen cock into Michael's ass. I thought the bonds holding his hands over his hands were not going to hold. His whole body lunged forward and went into a series of spasms. I started to move back and forth in his hot manly bottom hole. Despite the situation, I got so excited and moved faster and faster.I could see the young fighter who undressed him got on his knees in front of his naked body. It was almost the same ritual they had used with me. His whole cock was swallowed by this teen. I felt a strange sensation at my back door when Achmed pressed his cock at my own tender anus. In a moment I had his big cock up my bottomhole. Achmed fucked me and I fucked Michael at the same time!My body became covered by glistening sweat being pressed between two horny bodies. Everything tensed up, my balls lifted and my cum rushed up into my shaft. I groaned when I came deep into Michael's ass. He tensed up and was cumming in the mouth of the young teen kneeling in front of him.At the same time Achmed came deep inside me.I looked around and saw all the teen in the circle around us were hot and horny.------------------------------------------------------This is a short chapter.Reactions are very welcome at: want to read Great Lolita Bbs more?Thanks for your mail!------------------------------------------------------
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